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US temporarily relocates embassy in Ukraine to western city of Lviv******


A woman passes by the closed US embassy in Kiev after operations were moved to Lviv on February 14, 2022.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Monday that the United States will temporarily relocate its embassy in Ukraine from the capital city of Kiev to the western city of Lviv, citing escalating tensions on Ukraine's borders.

"We are in the process of temporarily relocating our Embassy operations in Ukraine from our Embassy in Kyiv to Lviv due to the dramatic acceleration in the buildup of Russian forces," Blinken said, using the Romanized spelling of the name of the capital city from the Ukrainian language.

"The Embassy will remain engaged with the Ukrainian government, coordinating diplomatic engagement in Ukraine," the secretary said, adding that his country also remains "engaged with the Russian government" and that the "path for diplomacy remains available."

The State Department on Saturday ordered the departure of most US direct hire employees from the embassy in Kiev, a decision it claimed was made "due to the continued threat of Russian military action" against neighboring Ukraine.

Passport, visa and other routine consular services have been suspended since Sunday, according to the department, and the mission of the now-reduced US diplomatic team is to "handle emergencies" in Lviv.

US and Russian top diplomats and defense officials held separate telephone conversations Saturday to discuss the Ukraine crisis, followed later in the same day by a high-stakes phone call between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In addition to evacuating its diplomatic staff, the United States has also been urging its nationals currently in Ukraine to depart immediately, warning that those who choose to stay cannot count on the US military to come to their rescue in the event that war breaks out in Ukraine.

Washington has been releasing intelligence purporting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine but refused to back it up with details. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly denied any intention to invade, accusing the Biden administration of "hysteria."

西安锦岭公寓逾期4年多仍没交房 业主官司赢了拿不到违约金******












  3月2日,华商报记者拨打开发商一位负责人的电话,但对方电话一直无人接听。随后,华商报记者又联系高新区住建局并留下联系方式了解情况,但截至发稿时,对方一直未回应。华商报记者 张成龙



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  华商报记者 谢涛

German bob and skeleton athletes praise China's new Olympic track******

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- German bobsleigh and skeleton athletes praised the new Yanqing track for Beijing 2022 after pre-Olympic test runs there.

Yanqing, a northern suburb of Beijing and one of the three competition zones of Beijing 2022, played host to bobsleigh and skeleton test runs between October 5 and 27.

German bobsleigh head coach Rene Spies called the venue "architecturally outstanding" as it is "smoothly embedded in the landscape."

China's organizers have created a "challenging competition site that doesn't allow any mistakes", the German coach said, adding that his team would need to perform at a high level to live up to their tag as pre-tournament favorites.

Returning to Germany, Spies called the trip to China ahead of several European Cup events a success, "as everything was perfectly organized."

Like Spies, athletes discussed the strict COVID-19 countermeasures in place for the Games, but emphasized that they fully accept the rules.

All German athletes, coaches, and staff are fully vaccinated, the association revealed.

"We felt comfortable despite the rules. We were somehow isolated but could entirely focus on our sports," Mariama Jamanka said.

The 2018 Olympic gold medal winner added, "We need to see the entire picture. The Olympics are the peak for athletes. To be able to compete is the primary target."

Compatriot Laura Nolte said that everyone is used to the restrictions. "I don't see a big problem. The fact is, in sports, we too have to live with it."

Nolte called the track tricky but safe. "There are many parts you enjoy driving."

2018 Olympic champion Francesco Friedrich called the regulations tight, "but after all, we are preparing for the Olympic Games, not a regional event."

For Friedrich, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to all events. "It doesn't make sense to think about the measures, but instead use your energy to deliver a satisfying competition," he commented, adding that it is vital to keep one's speed from the start to cover the flat parts of the Yanqing track.

Seven-time skeleton world champion Tina Hermann spoke of an impressive track, while fellow skeleton athlete Jaqueline Lolling felt inspired by the scenery.

The building delivers "pure motivation and inspires you to compete at the highest level," the 2018 Olympic silver medalist added.

Germany skeleton head coach Christian Baude said he is optimistic for the Olympics after the preparation camp. "If you understand the characteristics of the track, you get along well."

Four-time Olympic champion and tobogganist Natalie Geisenberger said she is excited to experience a new track. "I might have seen all of them in my career. It's thrilling to see a new one now," she added.

Geisenberger takes off for test runs in China with the sledge team next Wednesday. "It's my fourth Olympics and I still want to win medals." Enditem



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