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Boy dies after stuck in well for five days******

A small boy trapped in a well in northern Morocco for five days died before rescuers were able to reach him late on Saturday and retrieve his body, two government officials said.

Footage posted on social media showed the scene after his body was recovered, with hundreds of distraught rescue workers and onlookers gathered at the site chanting to god and shining the flashlights of their phones into the air.

Rayan Awram, 5, fell into the well at his village of Ighran in the hills near Chefchaouen on Tuesday, triggering a huge rescue effort that engrossed the country.

Rescuers finally reached him late on Saturday after removing much of the adjacent hillside and delicately tunneling a horizontal passage into the well.

King Mohammed sent condolences to his parents, a statement carried by state media reported.

The well was only 45 centimeters wide at the top and tapered as it dropped 32 meters to the bottom, where Rayan was trapped, making it impossible for rescuers to descend directly.

A male relative of the boy said on Friday that the family had first realized he was missing when they heard muffled crying and lowered a phone with its light and camera switched on to locate him.

"He was crying 'lift me up'," the relative said.

The hilly region around Chefchaouen is bitterly cold in winter and rescuers attempted to keep him alive by lowering food, water and oxygen through a tube.

Crowds had gathered in a vigil at the scene. Across the country, Moroccans followed the saga on television.

"I am so sad to learn Rayan has died. Sincere condolences to the parents," said Abderrahim Sabihi, a Rabat resident who was following the rescue from a cafe.

Shenzhen ease past Guangdong in Chinese Women's Volleyball League******

JIANGMEN, China, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- Shenzhen defeated Guangdong 3-0 (25-15, 25-12, 25-14) in the 2021-2022 Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League on Sunday.。

Zhang Yichan contributed a game-high 17 points to lead Shenzhen, followed by Yang Wenjin with 14 points. Guangdong's Chen Peiyan scored a team-high 12 points.。

Elsewhere, Fujian edged past Shandong 3-2. After losing the first two sets, Shandong clawed back in the next two sets to even the scoreline at 2-2. Fujian kept their cool to take the fifth set before coming out as winners.。

With 21 points from Vargas Melissa and 17 points from Li Yinying, defending champions Tianjin eased past Beijing 3-0. Enditem。

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Barcelona sack coach Koeman after loss to Rayo Vallecano******

MADRID, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona sacked coach Ronald Koeman on Thursday just hours after they suffered a 1-0 defeat away to Rayo Vallecano.

The club issued a statement shortly after midnight confirming FC Barcelona sacked Ronald Koeman as first team coach. The club president Joan Laporta informed Koeman following the defeat to Rayo Vallecano.

The defeat in the Vallecas Stadium came just three days after Barca were beaten 2-1 at home to bitter rivals Real Madrid in the first 'Clasico' of the season.

Barca currently sit ninth in the La Liga table with 15 points from 10 games and just four wins all season.

Former midfielder Xavi Hernandez is a favorite to replace Koeman, with current Barcelona B-team coach Sergi Barjuan a possible short-term replacement. Enditem

久违的暖阳终于“现身” 西安19日又要降水降温******


  市民在环城公园游玩。本报记者 王晓峰 摄

  本报讯(记者 陶颖)10月16日,久违了的暖阳终于“现身”,西安市民纷纷走出家门感受难得的好天气。截至16时,最高温度达到了19℃。











4.中国美债持仓六月减少130亿美元 连续第七个月下降

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