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US Navy nuclear sub damaged after hitting underwater object in Pacific******

A nuclear-powered US Navy fast-attack submarine was damaged after it "struck an object" while submerged in waters in the Indo-Pacific region on October 2, the US Navy said in a statement on Thursday.

The Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) "remains in a safe and stable condition" and its "nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were not affected and remain fully operational," the US Pacific Fleet said in the statement.

"The extent of damage to the remainder of the submarine is being assessed. The US Navy has not requested assistance. The incident will be investigated," the statement added.

The statement also said "there are no life-threatening injuries" from the accident. A US defense official told US Naval Institute (USNI) News that about 11 sailors were hurt in the incident with moderate to minor injuries.

The US Pacific Fleet didn't disclose where the collision occurred, just saying the submarine was "operating in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region."

The ship has had to transit at the surface and is slated to arrive in Guam on Thursday, the Navy Times reported.

Connecticut is one of the three Seawolf-class subs of the US Navy, said USNI News, calling it one of the US Navy's most capable and sensitive attack submarines.

China's daily coal output hits record amid supply push******

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- China's daily coal output has hit a historic high, with efforts to boost energy supply paying off, the country's top economic planner said Thursday.。

Up to 12.05 million tonnes of coal was produced on Wednesday, 120,000 tonnes higher than the previous daily record, while the daily production in major coal-producing regions hit the highest level in recent years, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).。

This has consolidated the foundation for ensuring the energy supply and stabilizing prices, the NDRC said.。

The record output came amid a rebound in production activities after a cold wave swept many parts of China in the past week and disrupted coal production. The average daily coal production between Nov. 7 and 9 was 11.75 million tonnes.。

With railways, highways and ports taking precautionary and responsive measures, the cold weather's impact on coal transport is gradually dwindling, and the coal stock in power plants has continued to improve, according to the NDRC. Enditem。

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Feature: Argentine SMEs closer to Chinese consumers through innovative logistics platform******

GENERAL PACHECO, Argentina, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Through an innovative logistics platform established following the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Argentina have taken one step closer toward Chinese consumers.。

Launched in 2018, the platform, dubbed the Integral Hub of Argentina in Shanghai (Hub Integral de Argentina en Shanghai), has been helping Argentine SMEs better explore the Chinese market by cutting expenses, reducing delivery time and enhancing product value.。

Located in Yangshan Port in Shanghai, one of the busiest container ports in the world, the hub has so far offered comprehensive import, logistics, customs, distribution and marketing services to more than 50 Argentine companies, whose products range from beef, shrimp, hake, sunflower oil, wine, chocolate, candy, yerba mate, to handicraft and artwork.。

Alejandro Spadone, director of Argentine integral logistics operator TP Logistica, one of the two companies spearheading the hub, said in a recent virtual presentation that the hub seeks to "provide solutions to (Argentine) SMEs and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their products in China."

"We are working on developing this tailor-made, innovative solution for Argentine SMEs, which sometimes find it very difficult to figure out how to start exporting to China," said Spadone, whose company owns a fiscal warehouse of 20,000 square meters in the city of General Pacheco in Argentina's Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, where China-bound goods are stored, certified and transported.。

According to Spadone, the hub has also been offering business assistance to Argentine SMEs, such as searching for potential business partners, promoting Argentine brands in the Chinese market, and providing a 3-month free storage for products that do not require refrigeration.。

As the 4th CIIE will be held in Shanghai on Nov. 5-10, more Argentine businesses are looking to the hub to provide fresh opportunities for them in expanding markets and strengthening competitiveness.。

"Our contribution as a logistics operator and part of this hub is to provide Argentine companies with facilities to solve any issues in the process, taking on the responsibility so they are reassured that they are working with someone who has the know-how about the flow and the (Chinese) market," Federico Panelli, head of Operations of the Fiscal Warehouse of TP Logistica, told Xinhua.。

According to CIIE organizers, some 3,000 companies from 127 countries and regions are expected to participate in the expo this year. A total of 58 countries and three international organizations will join the event remotely.。

Argentina's food manufacturing SMEs are ready to tout the country's traditional products at the 400-square-meter booth, which will mainly showcase food and beverages.。

Manieri & Rossi company from Marcos Paz, a city in Buenos Aires province, is going to present cracker-style tostadas, a typical snack from the countryside of the province, to Chinese consumers.。

"We believe that the Chinese market is a special opportunity for SMEs. It is an important market in terms of volume, so we are very interested in introducing our products," General Manager of the company Gustavo Ibarra said. Enditem。






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