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Putin, Macron discuss Ukraine issue over phone******

MOSCOW, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, where the leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine and developments regarding long-term legal security guarantees for Russia.

"Serious concerns were expressed due to the quickly deteriorating situation along the contact line in Donbas," the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin noted that provocations from Ukrainian militants caused the escalation.

"Attention was drawn to the modern weapons and ammunition being sent to Ukraine by NATO member countries, which is encouraging Kiev to pursue a military solution to the Donbas problem," the Kremlin said.

Kiev "continues to refuse to implement the Minsk agreements, as well as the agreements reached as part of the Normandy format," according to the statement.

Both presidents found it "expedient to step up the search for a diplomatic solution" between the foreign ministers and political advisors to the leaders of the Normandy format countries.

Chinese student recounts his journey out of Ukraine******

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

People wait in long lines at the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

Local volunteers offer free drink and food to people waiting in long queues to cross the Ukraine border into Slovakia.

Wang Chongjian could finally have a sound sleep, having left war-ravaged Ukraine.

After days of turmoil, the third-year student at the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture – and a Chinese national – arrived on the other side of the border in Slovakia in the wee hours on Thursday (local time).

Only after checking into a hotel did he feel relieved.

"Days of dislocation of our lives have finally ended! I want to catch up on my sleep first," he told Shanghai Daily around 6:30am on Thursday, when asked about his future plans. "It's a nice hotel. The local Chinese embassy booked it for us and didn't charge us a penny. Later, I will go and check out the food."

For Wang, it has been a once in a lifetime experience. Roars of jet fighters, explosions and sirens are one of his most vivid memories from last week. "Then, the city government suggested people turn off the lights and seek shelter underground. Later, the strict curfew was imposed," he said, referring to the Ukraine capital Kiev.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

Passengers are packed like sardines in a train from Kiev to Lviv.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

There was heavy snowfall in the morning of the day Wang Chongjian and other Chinese students left Kiev.

Finding that the situation in Kiev was getting worse, Wang and several other Chinese schoolmates decided to leave Ukraine for Slovakia. They took a train from Kiev to the western city of Lviv on Tuesday.

"That morning there was heavy snowfall. As we failed to hail a cab, we dragged our luggage to the railway station on foot. Luckily, it was not far from our residences. The streets were empty, but the railway station was crowded with people in dire despair to leave the capital," he recalled.

Though places were limited, people were still courteous: children and women first. And tickets were free.

Passengers were packed like sardines in this "train of hope," Wang said. "I found a place somewhere near one door. I almost couldn't move my body. But I felt so lucky to just get on the train."

Unlike Kiev, Lviv seemed oblivious to the war. "There, life was going on as usual," he said of the illuminated streets where people went to shops and restaurants.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

Lviv seemed oblivious to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

The next day, after replenishing their energy and stocks, the group headed to the Ukrainian-Slovak border at the Velke Slemence border crossing, as recommended by the Chinese embassy. They arrived in the border city of Uzhgorod around 9:30pm. But it took more than three hours to go through customs because of lone queues.

"The soldiers were nice. Local people put up tents on two sides, and voluntarily offered us free hot tea, coffee and food, as well as local SIM cards," he said. "And volunteers from the Chinese embassy were waiting for us on the other side of the border, and later drove us to the hotel."

According to Wang, it was moving to see how people cared for each other in these difficult times. "We really appreciate the help and care from the embassy and volunteers. Though we are overseas, we can still feel the spirit of unity," he said.

There are an estimated 6,000 Chinese nationals in Ukraine. Currently, with flight conditions in a limbo, they have been advised to move to neighboring countries – Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland – via western Ukraine through Odessa and Lviv.

Local Chinese embassies and consulates will offer necessary help.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

The boundary line at the Ukraine-Slovakia border.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

On the Slovak side of the border.

Wang Chongjian / Ti Gong

Wang and other students are staying in a hotel in Slovakia arranged by the local Chinese embassy.

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  专业人士强调,现如今等候发售的基本上是地区性金融机构、民营银行,市净率多会儿高过领域平均,由于地方银行具有一定销售业绩延展性和遐想室内空间。但发售以后,金融机构估价减仓也是普遍存在,因此怎样更高效平稳股票价格和销售业绩的提高将对金融机构管理人员明确提出磨练。华商报小编 胡晓军 李程。



(CIIE) First China******

SHANGHAI, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- On Friday morning, the first "Jinbo" China-Europe freight train arrived in Shanghai, marking the first time for exhibits of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) to be sent by the freight train to the municipality.

A total of 35 containers with goods weighing about 460 tonnes were first concentrated from Hamburg and Duisburg in Germany to Malaszewicze in Poland and then were carried by the freight train which entered China via Alataw Pass, a major rail port in Xinjiang, to Shanghai.

"Jinbo" is short for CIIE in Chinese. The exhibits on display at the upcoming 4th CIIE include intelligent vacuum--jetting-flushing combination systems and electrical machinery parts. The exhibits and the freight train were all disinfected and checked before entering China to meet the expo's anti-epidemic prevention and control guidelines.

It only took about half of the shipping time to transport the goods to the destination by the China-Europe freight train, according to Wang Jinqiu, chairman of the train's operating company.

The "Shanghai Express," Shanghai's first China-Europe freight train, departed from the city in September, marking the first cross-border railway service between Shanghai and Europe. To date, four China-Europe freight trains have left from Shanghai to Hamburg, Germany. Enditem


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