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China's energy consumption growth slows in Q3******

BEIJING, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- China recorded slower energy consumption growth in the third quarter amid efforts to build a clean and low-carbon energy consumption structure, the National Energy Administration said Monday.。

The year-on-year growth of energy consumption in the third quarter dropped 14.3 percentage points from the first quarter and 4.7 percentage points from the second quarter, partly due to remarkable energy use drops in the energy-intensive industries.。

Of the total, coal consumption growth in the third quarter shrank 13.1 percentage points from the first quarter and 2.8 percentage points from the second.。

The clean energy sector has been expanding in the third quarter.。

By the end of September, the installed capacity of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and solar power totaled 1.01 billion kw, accounting for 44.1 percent of the total installed capacity, up 3 percentage points from the same period last year.。

In view of the goals of peaking its carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060, China is speeding up the transformation to a clean and low-carbon energy consumption structure. Enditem。

二合一笔电新标杆 华为全新升级MateBook E评测******华为MateBook E在显示屏素养、硬件配置性能、聪慧互动等领域均拥有出众的主要表现,凭着轻巧便携式的灵便形状、专业型的性能和全情景绿色生态结合感受,有希望变成二合一笔记本电脑销售市场的又一榜样级商品。全新升级华为MateBook E重磅消息重归。


11月17日晚,在华为全情景智能生活新产品发布会上,全新升级MateBook E宣布现身,市场价5999元起,这也是MateBook E阔别2年以后的重磅消息升级。全新升级华为MateBook E选用传统的二合一设计方案,与华为笔记本电脑初代商品MateBook的形状一致,颇有一些向初衷献给的寓意。

做为一款PC/平板二合一型商品,全新升级华为MateBook E具有传统式笔记本电脑和平板二种应用形状。平板机身轻到709克,薄厚仅7.9mm。

显示屏层面,华为MateBook E本次在业界首先应用了一块12.6英尺的OLED原彩触摸全面屏手机,屏占比做到90%,选用16:10占比,屏幕分辨率为2K(2560*1600)等级,亮度对比度达到1,000,000:1,最大色度600利环,显示屏素养十分引人注意。

评测表明,华为MateBook E的广色域遮盖做到了100%的sRGB、100%的DCI-P3,均值色彩饱和度误差△E也是仅有0.92。广色域色彩饱和度主要表现十分出色,那样的显示屏素养已经是专业型显示屏的水平,即使是具体内容创作人等专业人员的原彩展现要求还可以达到。

设计方案上,全新升级华为 MateBook E外型选用金属材料中框相互配合钻石切工弧吐司面包边。表层通过瓷器喷砂处理,手感细致。初代MateBook就会有的侧面指纹识别再次沿用,融合Windows Hello作用,启动就可以迅速进到系统软件。

拓展插口层面,华为 MateBook E仅在机身右边中间给予一个雷击4 USB-C插口,另加3.5mm耳机二合一插口,平时应用得话有一些紧凑,尤其是在通电的情况下,再想联接外接储存等机器设备,就务必必备扩展坞了。

要想将MateBook E超级变身笔记本,仅需联接华为智能化磁吸键盘就可以。灰黑色的键盘保护套净重约为435克,质量与层次感或是非常好的,保护套后半一部分折起来的一半可以作为支撑架,可以能够更好地满足各种各样移动办公平台自然环境。键盘触摸板部位还内嵌数字功放NFC集成ic,便捷与华为手机上等机器设备实现迅速匹配联接。



本次华为还推行了第二代的HUAWEI M Pencil触控笔,净重仅有15克,适用4090级感压,延迟时间更低,撰写更顺畅。还适用吸咐在MateBook E机身顶端开展无线快速充电技术。

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Across China: Tibetan carpet industry spurs dreams of local artisans******

by Xinhua writers Liu Xinyong, Liu Zhoupeng, Dronla。

LHASA, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Migmar Tsering could have opted to retire years ago, but he chose to stick around instead as his Tibetan carpet workshop needed seasoned artisans like him.。

The 63-year-old skillful carpet maker is deeply in love with his work and has been engaged in this craft for the past 47 years at the Gyantse Carpet Factory in Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.。

Gyantse County is famed for its quality and exquisite Tibetan carpets, with the weaving techniques dating back over 900 years.。

Generations of artisans here cherish the traditional craft and have carried forward the legacy, with many aspiring to tap even bigger markets at home and abroad by powering carpet making through innovation.。

"Look! The dragon, phoenix and coral trees on this carpet augur a happy marriage, material prosperity and good fortune," Migmar said, adding that locals favor such traditional patterns, while bold designs can be adopted for customers from outside the region.。

Thanks to Migmar's magical hands, the initially weaved carpets can be revamped into all kinds of three-dimensional creations of art using a simple pair of scissors.。

Established in 1973, the workshop was listed among the first batch of demonstration bases for the protection of national intangible cultural heritages by the central government in 2011.。

The cultural department of Tibet earmarked 6.5 million yuan (about 1 million U.S. dollars) in 2017 from an intangible cultural heritage protection fund for the construction of two modern buildings of the factory, said Lhaphun, manager of the carpet workshop.。

"Our workshop currently boasts 60 skilled workers and complete sets of equipment, and sees orders flooding in. Our products are marketed both at home and abroad," he added.。

Compared with Lhaphun and Migmar, 30-year-old Tenzin Trinley is a latecomer in the carpet business, but he is just as dedicated, if not more.。

Tenzin, who also hails from Gyantse, gave up his stable job in 2014 to set up a carpet factory. "I love this occupation and want to spread its glory."

He has set his sight on innovation and catered to more modern tastes. "We are capable of making carpets with lifelike wedding photos on them using our traditional skills," Tenzin said.。

Last year, the factory's sales revenue topped 7 million yuan thanks to its product and technical innovations, as well as the efforts to diversify sales channels.。

Tenzin's endeavors in this field have helped create many jobs for the locals. Earlier this year, he was awarded for his outstanding contributions to the country's poverty alleviation campaign.。

"To achieve better development, we must continue our innovations and keep up with the times," said Tenzin.。

Even after so many decades, Migmar continues to work with similar passion, arriving early at his factory.。

"Carpet trimming is more than just a job for me," he said. "I really hope that our work can be cherished and treasured by more and more people far beyond our region." Enditem。

Cultural China: Keeping a promise******

NANJING, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Integrity is one of the most important traits in traditional Chinese culture. Confucius believes that honoring one's word, recognizing one's faults, and keeping one's promise are necessary for everyone to develop.。

In the Yanling Town of Danyang, east China's Jiangsu Province, there is a Jizi Temple built to honor Jizi, whose given name is Zha, the youngest son of Mengshou, the emperor of Wu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.).。

Jizi was a man of great moral integrity and famous for the story called "Jizi of Yanling Hangs up His Sword."

In 544 B.C., Jizi was sent to the ancient state of Lu as an envoy, passing through Xucheng, the capital of the ancient state of Xu, and was hospitalized by the Lord of Xu. Jizi once made a promise to himself that after he finished his diplomatic mission in the north, he would give his sword to the Lord of Xu, who admired it.。

But by the time he got back, the Lord of Xu had passed away. Therefore, Jizi went to Xu's tomb to worship and hung the sword on a willow tree in front of the tomb as a way to honor his vow.。

For more than 2,000 years, the story of Jizi has been passed down orally by the local people. People in Danyang built a Jizi Temple to honor his great contribution to Chinese culture and have practiced his virtues from generation to generation.。

Yin Siqi is a senior high school student in Danyang. She was abandoned by her parents when she was a little girl due to tuberculosis. Her grandfather, Yin Guohua, decided to raise her and took her to hospitals for treatment many times.。

Although life is difficult, Yin and her grandfather have fought against the odds. After meticulous treatment, she recovered from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, she needed spinal correction surgery as a result of tuberculosis complications. The treatment cost approximately 200,000 yuan (about 31,420 U.S. dollars), putting a significant financial burden on the family.。

After learning of this, the local government assisted them in raising money. They gathered more than 130,000 yuan. When they decided to go for surgery, fate once again played a prank on Yin Siqi.。

Through two joint consultations with experts and 11 days of hospitalization, doctors gave the result that the operation was quite risky with a cure cate of less than 10 percent. After much deliberation, Yin and her grandfather decided to give up the surgery.。

Though disappointed, they did not forget those who helped them. They made the decision to return the money.。

"We didn't expect to raise such a large sum of donations in such a short period of time, and we were so grateful," said Yin Guohua. "The money was raised for my granddaughter's surgery. We must return all of it because she was unable to receive the surgery. The good deeds of others will live on in our hearts forever."

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Yin Guohua and Yin Siqi chose to do the right thing, following in the footsteps of Jizi. Enditem。


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