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China head coach Li confident on remaining World Cup qualifiers******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's national football team is set to travel on Sunday for the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.。

Due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, the two games, which were scheduled to be played at home against Oman on November 11 and Australia five days later, have been moved to the Middle East.。

"I am confident that the team will fully tap their potential to claim better results in the two games," China head coach Li Tie told Xinhua before the team's departure.。

Li's task is made harder by China having to play its home games at neutral venues, as its quarantine requirements make it impractical for overseas teams to come into the country.。

"We have been longing to play our upcoming games at home," added Li. "What I have been doing is helping the players perform better under the current circumstances."

Li admitted that the players were disappointed about not being able to play at home, but added that "they are nevertheless still very devoted to their training."

"It will be more difficult for them to show their best form, but the coaching team will do our best to help them adjust," said Li.。

After suffering defeat to Saudi Arabia on October 13, the team then returned to China for nearly one month. Li believes that the time spent back home has made his players psychologically better prepared for the upcoming matches.。

On Friday, the Chinese Football Association announced that five players were excluded from the squad that will depart for Sharjah.。

Li explained that Gao Zhunyi suffered a leg strain during a warm-up game on Wednesday that will keep him out for around two weeks. Guo Tianyu, Wei Shihao, Wang Shangyuan, Yin Hongbo were also dropped.。

"We thought about recruiting other players, but because many Chinese Super League teams are on holiday, we have very limited options," said Li. "After due consideration and discussion, we decided to take the current team to Sharjah."

Li's team performed well in warm-up matches on Wednesday, with naturalized players A Lan and Luo Guofu both playing a full 90 minutes and scoring a goal each.。

"In the two-month training period, both of them have made great improvements in all aspects through their hard work.。

"We have been monitoring the players' physical data in real time through technological means," said Li. "I believe that no one knows them better than I do, and no one's desire to win the game is stronger than mine."

"Any player, as long as he meets the requirements for the game and can help the team, I will not hesitate to send him to play," added Li.。

With one win and three losses, China currently sits nine points behind Group B leader Saudi Arabia, who has the maximum 12 points from its first four games, and the game against Oman will be especially crucial to China's hopes of qualification.。

"After I took charge of the team, my main goal was to have our players in their best form in every game, no matter how strong the rival team is," said Li, noting that he will not pay too much attention on current points and positions.。

Li attributed the team's previous performance to a lack of experience in international games.。

"I used to play in the Premier League. Playing with and against top players all the time got me used to that environment, so when I then played for the national team, I didn't feel nervous," noted Li.。

"Playing overseas is an effective way to improve our players," added Li. "I hope that we will have more talented players playing in top-tier leagues and international games."

From the two six-team groups, the top two of each group will qualify directly for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The two third-placed teams will then face each other in a two-legged playoff, with the winner entering an intercontinental playoff. Enditem。

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