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Over 6,000 flights scrapped as Omicron hits Christmas weekend travel******


Travelers move through the departures hall at Terminal 7 of John F. Kennedy International Airport on December 24, 2021 in New York City. Thousands of travelers were left stranded across the country after multiple airlines cancelled Christmas Eve flights Friday due to rising Omicron variant cases of COVID-19, staffing shortages and severe weather.。

More than 6,000 flights have been canceled worldwide over the long Christmas weekend and thousands more were delayed, a tracking website reported Sunday, as the highly infectious Omicron variant brings holiday hurt to millions.。

Compounding the travel chaos in the United States, severe weather in the country's west is due to wreak havoc on roadways and other routes there although it may well bring a white Christmas weekend to northwest cities Seattle and Portland.。

According to Flightaware.com, more than 2,800 flights were scrubbed around the globe on Saturday, including more than 990 originating from or headed to US airports, with over 8,500 delays as of 0500 GMT.。

On Friday, there were around 2,400 cancellations and 11,000 delays, while Sunday cancellations were at nearly 1,500 with more than 1,400 delays also reported.。

Pilots, flight attendants and other employees have been calling in sick or having to quarantine after exposure to COVID, forcing Lufthansa, Delta, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and many other short-staffed carriers to cancel flights during one of the year's peak travel periods.。

"Help united flight canceled again. I want to get home for Christmas," one exasperated traveler from the US state of Vermont tweeted to the airline early Saturday.。

Flightaware data showed United canceled around 200 flights on Friday and nearly 250 Saturday – about 10 percent of those that were scheduled.。

A scramble to reroute pilots and planes and reassign employees was underway, but Omicron's surge has upended business.。

"The nationwide spike in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation," United said in a statement Friday.。

"As a result, we've unfortunately had to cancel some flights and are notifying impacted customers in advance of them coming to the airport," the airline said.。

Similarly, Delta scrapped 310 flights Saturday and was already canceling over 100 more Sunday, saying it has "exhausted all options and resources – including rerouting and substitutions of aircraft and crews to cover scheduled flying."

"We apologize to our customers for the delay in their holiday travel plans," the company said.。

The cancellations added to the pandemic frustration for many people eager to reunite with their families over the holidays, after last year's Christmas was severely curtailed.。

Chinese airlines accounted for the highest number of cancellations, with China Eastern scrapping more than 1,000 flights, over 20 percent of its flight plan, on Friday and Saturday and Air China also grounding about 20 percent of its scheduled departures over the period.。

'Treacherous' snow conditions。

According to estimates from the American Automobile Association, more than 109 million Americans were scheduled to travel by plane, train or automobile between December 23 and January 2, a 34 percent increase over the last year.。

But most of those plans were made before the outbreak of Omicron, which has become the dominant strain in the United States, overwhelming some hospitals and health care workers.。

The state of New York announced Friday that it recorded 44,431 new daily positive COVID tests, a record, while new cases surged nationwide as well.。

On the weather front, while unseasonably warm temperatures were bathing eastern states, the National Weather Service announced winter storm warnings including a deep freeze for significant parts of the west.。

"Anomalously cold conditions and a barrage of Pacific moisture results in prolonged periods of mountain snow and coastal/valley rain, some of which may fall heavy at times," the NWS said in an advisery.。

An eye-popping two to four feet (61 to 122 centimeters) of snow was forecast to fall this weekend, with higher accumulation in some spots, in the northern and central Sierra mountains of California and Oregon.。

Travel will be "treacherous to at times impossible" from the Sierras to the central Rocky Mountains at the weekend due to whiteout snow conditions, the NWS added.。

确定了!索尼A7M4发布在即将升级3300万像素和4K 60P******

    索尼已经官方公布将在10月21日晚上10点发布A7M4全画幅微单相机(A7IV、Alpha7 IV),让推出已有三年并未索尼全画幅微单版图攻下不少江山的A7III退下火线,由功能更强的A7M4正式接棒。

    传闻指A7M4会用上新研发的3300万像素全画幅CMOS感光元件,最高支持4K 60p影片拍摄,拥有可以媲美佳能EOS R5、EOS R6的鸟类眼部自动对焦及动物眼部自动对焦,至于连拍方面,A7M4似乎没有太多惊喜,依然维持10fps连拍。另一方面,有指A7M4还会加强视频拍摄时的操控,首先机身防抖拥有媲美手持稳定器的稳定性,也加强对拍vlog的支持,而索尼应该会改用侧反式翻转屏。


以下为 A7 IV 最新流传的主要规格:

.BIONZ X影像处理器
.4K 30p视频为7K超采样
.4K 60p视频为4.8K超采样
.内置4:2:2 10-bit格式
.双SD及CFexpress Type A卡插槽设计
.5GHz Wi-Fi
.A7S III菜单界面

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12th Singles Day festival marked by less flash and more rational shopping******

Workers sort out packages at an industrial park in Lianyungang, east China's Jiangsu Province, Nov. 11, 2021. The Singles' Day shopping spree is an annual online shopping festival falling on Nov. 11 for Chinese consumers since 2009. (Xinhua/Wang Chun)。

This year's Singles Day shopping festival on Thursday featured no flashy discounts or star-studded performances.。

Instead, companies pointed to inclusive growth and eco-friendliness while taking the Nov 11 shopping extravaganza into its 12th year, and some consumers opted for more rational shopping.。

In a departure from the previous festivals, Alibaba did not disclose gross merchandise volume via its plethora of platforms halfway through the event. Last year, that figure stood at a staggering 498.2 billion yuan ($77.9 billion).。

It did, however, emphasize its role in empowering small and medium-sized brands, saying they have "leapfrogged" in sales.。

For instance, in the first 45 minutes of Thursday, 411 smaller brands had reported gross merchandise volume of over 10 million yuan, 40 of which topped the 100 million-yuan threshold, according to data from Tmall, Alibaba's business-to-customer site.。

Chinese labels are also gaining traction among overseas buyers, with sportswear brand Erke recording sevenfold sales growth to foreign markets via Tmall and Taobao during this year's campaign.。

Rival JD reported that accumulated sales volume had topped 311.4 billion yuan as of 2:08 pm on Thursday, surpassing last year's total sales. It said mobile phones, refrigerators, flat-panel TVs, washing machines and air conditioners as the top-performing categories based on early transaction data.。

"The passion for Nov 11 is here to stay, as it is a pivotal avenue to unleash people's potential for spending on quality goods," said Jason Yu, general manager of consultancy Kantar Worldpanel.。

"But the festival needs to find new ways to appeal to customers, for instance by emphasizing green logistics and allowing people to enjoy discounts without staying up all night."

Meanwhile, some customers called for rational shopping.。

"I am getting sick of the sophisticated gameplay of winning coupon rebates," said Hong Wei, an accounting specialist in Shanghai. "I buy what I need, and I will not fall for marketing stunts."

Fan Feifei in Beijing contributed to this story.。

(Source: China Daily)。

一站解决用户烦恼!科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI为何优秀?******


  但是在传统的扫地机器人产品上,在扫地机器人清扫地面完成后,需要用户手动对拖布、尘盒等部件进行清洁,在用户使用上并不能做到完整的无忧体验,虽然在现阶段也有部分的产品针对于尘盒的清洁或者拖布的清洁进行处理,但是并不能将这些问题进行一站式的解决。科沃斯针对于这一类问题,推出了具备一站式解决能力的科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI,为现阶段的扫地机器人产品带来了更进一步的体验。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI在外观方面进行了更进一步的升级,其邀请了极负盛名的丹麦设计公司Jacob Jensen Design为扫地机器人带来了全新的极简风格设计,使得这一款产品在外观方面更加高端,具备了更进一步的质感,能和众多的家居环境进行和谐的搭配。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI除了在外观方面全新升级外,在对家居的清洁能力上也具备了非常不错的表现。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI采用了双边刷的设计,能在地面的清扫时对垃圾进行更好的聚拢。在对垃圾进行聚拢后,通过橡胶+毛刷组合的胶刷将垃圾进一步送入到吸风口的边缘,进行吸纳处理。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI配备了高达5000Pa的大吸力风机,能对刷头聚拢的垃圾进行有效的吸起,且大吸力还能带来对浮尘的有效控制,防止清扫过程中弹起浮尘带来的二次污染,也能对地面缝隙处的粉尘进行深度的拔除。

  作为一款扫拖一体机器人,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI能在清扫过程中实现一步到位拖地工作。科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI配备了OZMO Turbo 2.0旋转加压擦地系统,在拖地过程中能通过两块拖布在旋转的同时向下加压,从而实现与人工清理相同的效果。对于番茄酱之类的粘稠污渍,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI也能做到非常轻松的清洁。

  在清洁过程中,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI也能让用户带来无忧的使用体验。通过搭载TrueDetect 3D和AIVI两大技术,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI将视觉与深度信息探测进行融合,带来了AIVI 3D技术,可以有效的提升机器人的避障能力。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI能对地面的各类障碍有效的进行识别,并且根据不同的障碍物类型制定出针对性的避障策略,例如遇到桌腿、贴边家具是会进行小范围的绕开,而如果遇到线缆等情况则会以加大的范围进行躲避,避免意外的发生。

  清扫完成后,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI则无需用户对拖布、尘盒进行一系列的手动清洁。科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI配备的一体式清洁基座集成了清洗拖布、烘干拖布、集尘以及充电的功能。能在扫地机器人清扫完成后自动完成对拖布的清洁、烘干和清洁尘盒内垃圾,为扫拖机器人进行充电等一系列的功能。

  对于用户来说,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI一举解决了传统扫拖一体机器人在清洁完家居环境后还需要用户手动清洗拖布或者清洁尘盒的苦恼,真正的做到了对用户双手一步到位的解放,使得家居清洁变得快捷方便。科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI还能在充电的时候自动为水箱补水,用户可以在补水箱中加入地板清洁剂,让科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI在后续湿拖中达到更进一步的清洁能力。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI还具备了以往扫地机器人产品上所不具备的智能化功能,其内置了“YIKOAI语音助手”功能,可以通过“OK,YIKO”来唤醒科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI。为了保障在这一项功能的使用,科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI内置了三个麦克风,可以更好的捕捉用户的语音指令。

  科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI 上配备的“YIKOAI语音助手”不但实现启动清扫、集尘等操作,还可以实现与目前主流智能音箱的对话操作,可以通过语音的方式询问地宝X1 OMNI时间、天气、进行互动聊天等操作,非常的智能。

  从各方面的表现来看,出色的清洁能力配合优秀的规划与避障功能,能让用户放心的将家居清洁交付于科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI。科沃斯地宝X1 OMNI还集成了一系列的自清洁功能,让用户无需在打扫完后动手维护,实现一站到位的舒适体验。智能语音功能的加入更使得这一款产品和用户的互动进一步增强。

  现阶段科,沃斯地宝X1 OMNI预定到手仅5999元 ,预定购机享5年质保+30天无理由退换+12期免息*晒单好礼,有需求的朋友还可以进一步咨询客服获得好礼。

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